Compendium  /  Edition 01.1
Material Explorations

The Experience of Soundscapes

Location: Edinburgh
Season: Summer

Time: 15:38

Fig. 01.1—2020

Archive: Studio
Over the past few months we’ve been looking into the relationship of sound and touch - the haptic experience of enjoying a sonic body of works. Our format of choice has been the LP player, or record player. It’s a format and medium of listening to music where you’re forced into being present; in making sure your record is clean and dust free, being careful that you’re placing the needle softly and correctly, in being conscious that you don’t get distracted and leave the room whilst the needle is left to crackle at the end of the record. We’ve found that the practice of choosing a record, removing it from it’s sleeve, placing it on the record player and lowering the needle before sitting back and enjoying the moment is something of a ritual - especially if your records are some of your favourite albums and works - it has the ability to have a similar effect as going for a run or practicing yoga. The experience of relaxing with a piece that resonates and takes you back to a time or place of tranquility is what we’re interested in stretching. It’s this feeling of resonance that we feel can be amplified through the tactility and materiality of the technology used; expanding the experience to the record player itself.

We’re looking into creating a record player from a material that is imperfect, like those who use it; a material that wares and shows time, like those who use it; a material that comes from the earth and is either recycled, recyclable or from a byproduct of industry. Our first step in this process was to deconstruct one of our studio record players; a Soundlab DLP 32 direct drive turntable. This allowed us to understand the components involved and what will need to be encased in the body of the record player - whilst also understanding the proportions we felt were comfortable. We’re now creating our prototype body by carving away at an aerated concrete block, a material that is easily malleable so that we can adapt and make changes as we go, affording us flexibility whilst creating the least amount of waste. For eyes on this project as it unfolds, head over to our Instagram for more.