Atelier Projekts
A home of unanswered questions and a playground for critical thought and imagination, Atelier Projekts looks to test future scenarios and contexts for digital, spatial and experiential paradigms. A body of curated works, speculative and conceptual commentaries that don’t yet have a place - Atelier Projekts is a space for extremes of an idea to be pushed, shown and discussed; feasible, theoretical or otherwise - reflecting a sincere attempt to address the core tension between the complex systems within our daily interactions and the rigid and linear processes within our societal spheres.

With the nature of Atelier Projekts being radical and critical in thought and expression, our focus has been to create a brand identity and creative direction that allows for an archiving of ideas in order to ignite and encourage open discourse and discussion. With the sharing of ideas being an important corner stone of the brand, we sought to create memorable and thought provoking experiences across all touchpoints - across physical and digital realms.